Volgende deadline Eurostars: 28 februari 2019

Eurostars supports international collaborative R&D projects with at least two participants from two Eurostars countries. Eurostars anticipates commercialisation of project results within two years after finishing the project. Any type of organisation can be part of a Eurostars project consortium but the main partner must be an R&D – performing SME. This SME dedicates at least 10% of its fte to R&D or at least 10% of its turnover to R&D. Projects can be launched in any technological and market sector. In the Netherlands, Dutch industrial partners will receive 35% subsidy (SMEs 45%) for research activities and 25%(SMEs 35%) for development activities. Academic participants will receive 50% for research and 25% for development activities.
More information: https://www.eurostars-eureka.eu/