Why BioTop Consultancy

Years of experience and a high success rate
We have been building up experience with applications for national grants ever since 1995. In 1998, we wrote our first European grant application (KP4), which was awarded funding. We have worked on many more European grant applications since then. We have also written succesfull Horizon 2020 proposals, including a proposal with a number 1 position in Societal Challenges. 

Strategic partnership
Of course, you can enlist our services for an individual grant application, although our preference is for long-term partnerships. If we are kept up-to-date on your projects, we can pro-actively bring the latest grant options to your attention. This ensures you make the most of the potential funding sources available.

Grant schemes off the beaten track
We are not limited to the familiar schemes: we also have a great deal of experience of grant schemes both in this country and abroad which you may not be aware of but for which you may be eligible. Our extensive knowledge of grant schemes can increase the likelihood of securing funding for your research.

Research valorisation, governance structure and business cases
Even if you have are highly skilled in clearly articulating your research topic, you may still have less experience of writing the sections of a grant application which are not about the research topic itself. Yet, these sections often count just as much in your assessment. We can take care these parts of the application off your hands.

The scientific sections too
Of course, we are not the specialists in your field of research, but since we are former scientists with years of research experience and grant consultants who have been privy to a large number of innovative projects, we are also able to be involved in the writing of the scientific sections of your grant application. This can save you a lot of time.

A large network
If you are looking for collaboration partners, we can help with that. We have an extensive network of companies, universities and intermediary organisations in this country and abroad.