• “BioTop exactly knows how a grant proposal will be judged, which information is needed and how this information needs to be formulated.”

    Dr. Reinskje Talhout, RIVM

  • “Working with BioTop is a pleasure. Their expertise, commitment and feedback were invaluable in writing our H2020 SME proposal and to get it accepted.”

    Dr. Robert-Jan Lamers, Abundz BV

  • "Al vanaf 2001 verzorgt BioTop Consultancy mijn subsidieaanvragen.
    En met succes."

    Dr. H.W. Reesink, Afd. Gastro-enterologie en Hepatologie, AMC

  • "Ons EU-project:
    zonder Coos was het niet gelukt."

    Prof. Vincent Everts, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA)

Grant Acquisition
We have been working since 1995 to support companies, universities, institutes and research centres in acquiring grants for R&D projects, and have enjoyed substantial success. BioTop Consultancy can assist you by identifying grant options and drafting and submitting grant applications.

Scientific writing and science communication
BioTop Consultancy can turn scientific documents into well-structured, clear academic texts. We write anything from newsletters and background articles to brochures and website texts for researchers and companies who want to inform a wide audience in intelligible, appealing, jargon-free language.

The strength of BioTop Consultancy is our combination of clear language, a background in life sciences and an analytical perspective. That has brought us success in acquiring grants for projects in the life sciences, healthcare, agro and food sectors. It is also this strong combination that enables us to write highly readable, engaging scientific texts aimed at both academics and wider readerships.