Grant writing services

Our grant writing services cover the entire process: from assessing funding opportunities and conducting feasibility studies, to writing grant applications and preparing final reports.


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Grant acquisition

Assessing funding opportunities
Both in the Netherlands and abroad, a wide variety of authorities, companies, research bodies and charities offer grants for research, development and innovation. This includes less well known grant schemes that you have probably not yet considered. BioTop Consultancy has an overview of these and will ensure that you take full advantage of the funding opportunities available.


Feasibility studies
A grant application will only be successful when the project meets all the conditions of the grant scheme. However, these conditions also have to match up with your goals. On the basis of a feasibility study, we will advise you on whether it is worthwhile to start the grant writing process.


Grant writing
Referees make their recommendations based on the application’s scientific and technical merits and additional criteria. In general, these include its governance structure, impact, business case and the budget. We will take care of these. Moreover, with our solid scientific background, we can understand your project and co-write or edit the scientific chapters.


Identifying collaboration partners
Many grant schemes, including Horizon 2020, IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) EFRO and Eurostars are aimed at public-private partnerships. We use our large network of companies, universities and intermediary organisations to identify parties that can make a valuable contribution to your consortium, or, the other way around, to couple you to a network that will benefit from your expertise.


BioTop Consultancy can save you a great deal of time by taking the lead in the application process. We will monitor the time schedule, gather the required information, ensure that the grant application complies with the administrative requirements and ensure its timely submission.

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Editing existing grant applications

We can optimise your grant applications by ensuring that it addresses all the grant scheme’s conditions as well as possible. Furthermore, things that may seem obvious to you as an expert in your field may nevertheless raise questions from referees. Our scientific background and our years of experience enable us to assess how easy it is to follow your line of reasoning. Even with just a limited level of intervention on our part, you can rest assured that your grant application has the best chance of success.

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Support with on-going projects

Once a project is up and running, the grant provider will ask you for financial and content-specific progress reports. We are familiar with the procedures and requirements that these reports must comply with and can take these time-consuming activities off your hands.

During the course of the project, a variety of target groups such as researchers, officials, the medical profession, or the general public, should be kept updated on the progress of the project. BioTop Consultancy can assist by developing and implementing a communication plan.

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