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BioTop Consultancy deals with grant applications for research and development projects. In addition to that, we provide support in drafting clear academic texts and we can write about research in language which wide audiences will easily understand. We work in the life sciences, health care, agro and food sectors, whilst our clients are companies, universities, institutes and research centres.


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Our expertise ranges from applications for Dutch national grants and loans to applications for a variety of grants across Europe and further afield. Some of these are listed below.

Dutch grant schemes:

  • NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research)
  • ZonMw (Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development): Efficiency Studies, TOP grants, Proper Use of Medicines)
  • AgentschapNL (WBSO/RDA, Innovation Credit, SBIR, PSI (Private Sector Investment Programme), IPC (Innovation Performance Contracts)
  • Technology Foundation STW
  • Health funds (Fonds NutsOhra, Health Insurers’ Innovation Fund)
  • Charitable collection health funds (KWF, Nierstichting, Maag lever Darm Stichting)


EU grant schemes:

  • EC Framework Programme (FP4 onwards)
  • IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative)
  • AAL (Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme)
  • EFRO
  • Eurostars
  • Health programme of DG Health & Consumers
  • Progress (Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion)
  • COST
  • European Science Foundation
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Coos van Laar, the owner of BioTop Consultancy, studied chemistry at the University of Amsterdam and graduated as a biochemist. She undertook PhD research at the Department of Endocrinology & Reproduction at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. After completing her PhD, she obtained a post-doctoral fellowship from INSERM to work in Grenoble in the field of signal transduction. She then took a second post-doctoral position at the Department of Oral Microbiology of the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam.

In 1995, she was one of the founders of BioTop Consultancy and was its director until 2004 when she became a Partner of Hezelburcht BioTop. At present, she is once again the owner of BioTop Consultancy.

She has long-term experience of writing Dutch national and European grant applications. It was back in 1998 that she wrote her first grant application for the EU Framework Programme (FP4). Since Framework Programme 5, she has been involved in between 5 and 8 EU grant applications a year.
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BioTop Consultancy was established in 1995 as a grant writing agency for companies and universities in the area of Life Sciences. In 2004, we merged with the Life Sciences department of another grant writing agency, Hezelburcht. This resulted in the establishment of Hezelburcht BioTop, dedicated to subsidy consulting in the area of Life Sciences. In 2013, the partnership between Hezelburcht and BioTop was dissolved and BioTop Consultancy now continues its grant writing activities as an independent company, as it was before the merger.
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